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Grinder Cleaner - Concept Art - 500g

Grinder Cleaner - Concept Art - 500g Click to enlarge
EUR 12.67 (EUR 9.97 + VAT)
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Szórj pár db kis tablettát a kávégépbe és daráld át. A tabletta kitisztítja az örlőt, eltávolítja a szennyeződéseket.

The grinder cleaner developed by concept art is based completely on a natural basis.

A mixture of different grains and natural products is used , so you can clean the dead space of your coffee grinder quickly and easily.

A good grinder cleaner is able to clean the dead space of the mill as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible without blocking the mill and changing the grind setting.

When handled correctly, "CleanGrind" meets all these requirements perfectly!

Handling Instructions:

1. Empty the bean container (Hooper), grind the remaining coffee beans and clean as much as possible with a grinder brush.

2. Set the grindness before the cleaning cycle on a "medium grind".

3. After approx. 40 g CleanGrind are gone through, you can refill with coffee beans.

The first coffee with the remains of the cleaner should be disposed of.

During the first grinding processes particles of the cleaner may still arise which will not impair the taste of your espresso.

After having removed the oily coffee fats a delicious fresh coffee is garantueed once again!

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