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Costa Rica Armando Navarro 200g

Costa Rica Armando Navarro 200g Click to enlarge
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Roast profile: Espresso

A special, honey processed Costa Rican coffee from the Brunca region with lemon, and cherry dominating in the flavour profile.

Eljárás I Process: Honey / Honey  I  Magasság I Altitude: 1350 m

Fajta I Varietal: Venecia  I  Régió I Region: Brunca

This coffee produced by Armando belongs to the Venecia variety, in this case they did a honey process, collecting only 100% ripe cherries, after this the cherries go through an environmentally friendly process, where they mechanically depulp using the minimum amounts of water and keeping as much mucilage in the parchment as possible to elevate the attributes, after the demucilage and wet process is taken, they take the wet parchment to the patios, located in greenhouses, where they do a slow sun drying that takes between 10 and 12 days, to reach 10% humidity, after the drying process the coffee is packed and taken to their warehouse, this place has the right temperature to achieve an excellent coffee rest.

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