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13rd Jun. 2018 (Latte Art training) HUNGARIAN language

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EUR 120.95 (EUR 95.24 + VAT)
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Latte Art Training (5 hours)
Small groups. Max. 3-4 people / trainer I  Duration: 12.00-17.00
Practicing the 3 main Latte Art patterns (Heart, Rosetta, Tulip)
Barista Campus is a member of SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe).
More info. (dates): +36-70-211-1636 I Technical info.: +36-20-281-9675  
ADDRESS: Barista Campus Hungary - 1136 Budapest Hollán Ernő u. 3.
(Jászai Mari square, tram 4-6, in Madal Cafe building)

More info. (dates): +36-70-458-4464 I Technical info.: +36-20-281-9675  
To apply please use the "Add to Cart" button.
IMPORTANT: For English language barista course, we charge an extra 30 EUR/Day, which should be payed on site in cash at the day of the training.
Barista Campus is the largest and one of the best equipped barista training centers in Hungary. Our team is made up of barista trainers, who had practiced for years and who already won several prices in different barista competitions. Our barista trainings go beyond the Italian coffee culture and are based on the “new-wave coffee” approach, influenced deeply by the present third wave American and Western-Europian coffee culture.
Milk Steaming Goals / A tejgőzölés céljai
Milk Separation / A Tej szétválása
How to Steam Milk / Tejgőzölés
Different Milk Beverages / A különböző tejes italok
Grooming Milk / A tej tisztázása
Free-Pouring / A free-pouring technika
How to Pour Latte Art / Hogyan készíts Latte Art-ot
Practicing the 3 main Latte Art patterns (Heart, Rosetta, Tulip)
A 3 Latte Art alapminta gyakorlása

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